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Reproductive And Child Health


Name of the Project Reproductive And Child Health
Target area District of Dima Hasso ( North Cachar Hills)
Target group Women from 15-49 years and children from 0-5 years.
Aims & Objectives
  • Reduction in Maternal Mortality and infant mortality
  • Integration of related programs for meaningful outcome
  • Meeting unmet needs through institutional strengthening & Quality of Care  
  • Choice of family planning methods
  • Information provided to client on Reproductive  and Child Health
Goal of the project To ensure ANC and PNC to stop child maternal mortality. Make health a reality.
Supporting Agency National Rural Health Mission of Assam and Ministry of Health & Family Welfares.
Activities Training and Monitoring the activities of Field NGOs
Beneficiaries Mother and Child
Outcome Reduction in mortality rate and load of disease from the community.

Self Help Group Promotion and Linkage


Name of the Project Self Help Group Promotion and Linkage
Target area District of Dima Hasso ( North Cachar Hills)
Target group Poor people in need of small money, victims of money lenders and people who have no power to augment their income.
Aims & Objectives Empower the poor people to mobilize the resources of the individual members for their collective economic development: to uplift living condition of the poor; to create awareness about rights and to build up teamwork.
Goal of the project Create fundamental respect for social and spiritual dignity of all human beings. A full and abundant life for all; socially, economically, culturally, politically and physically.
Supporting Agency National Agriculture Bank of  Rural Development, Assam( NABARD)
Activities Members of poor community belong to same village or locality within age groups 18-45 are identified, the facilitator exposes them the concept of Self Help and micro credit. In this process the community leaders, village elders are invited to explain the concept benefit of forming SHGs in village. This gives acceptance to the work and gets support for the effort. Training and meeting are the stages of formations of the group.
Beneficiaries Poor people of the three districts.
Outcome Grass root population empowered through information, awareness education, capacity and skill, it means development of the people in order to manage resources for the people ensuring their participation in nation building.

Aryabhatta Science Centre


Name of the Project Aryabhatta Science Centre
Target area Lumding Development Block
Target group Students of Class V to X and Farmers.
Aims & Objectives Aryabhatta Science Centre is a centre based forum which provides facilities for practising activity based learning processes and to inculcate the spirit of enquiry, foster creative temper among students and generate scientific temper among students and building of a self reliant culture in the community as a whole with the objectives to build attitude among the school students in the State.
Goal of the project To make science education exciting as a career and eliminate superstition from the society.
Supporting Agency Assam State Counsel for Science and Technology (ASTEC). Guwahati.
Activities Organizing Science based Seminars, workshops and Competition on Model making, poster, essay writings exhibition among students.
Beneficiaries Students of class V- X in specific but Entire community in general.
Outcome It is expected that students are largely benefited with the activities of the centre and a general perspective about science is rooted among them. A science based society thus created

Targeted Intervention of Injecting Drug Users and HIV/AIDS


Name of the Project Targeted Intervention of Injecting Drug Users and HIV/AIDS
Target area District of Nagaon, Assam.
Target group Injecting Drug Users
Aims & Objectives Provide proper counselling to the targeted group;  Behaviour Change Communication to address specific vulnerabilities of key populations; early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections(STI).
Goal of the project Voluntary counselling and testing, reduction in HIV, AIDS through proper intervention among the Injecting Drug Users. Fostering an enabling environment to reduce stigma and discrimination.
Supporting Agency Assam State AIDS Control Society and NACO
Activities The Injecting Drug Users(IDU) are identified by the Outreach workers(ORW), then they select the Peer Educators(PE) among them, primarily counselling are done by the counsellor then they are motivated to visit the Drop in Centre(DIC) spend time in a healthy environment, the IDUs are counselled to use on one needle and should not share them. Needles are supplied to the IDUs. In the DIC one doctor attends the IDUs and provides specific treatment with the help of ANM. The Counsellor and Project Manager along with  ORWs,PE attends the hotspot zone and conducts meeting on Behavioural changes, HIV/AIDS, STI etc.
Beneficiaries The High Risk Group, their family members and sexual partners.
Outcome To reduce and check spreading of HIV/AIDS and STD among the society. A comprehensive understanding of HIV /AIDS by the HRG and the Society their family.